Becoming A Social Worker - A General Overview Of This Growing Profession

Well-written summary about getting one kind or another degree in social work, and various social work programs:

By Zack R

Social work is a growing area, even in today's economy, and many people are now looking towards this as a fulltime profession. If you wish to help other people and improve their lives in some way, then you should consider becoming a social worker.

If you look at the job market, there are now many jobs for social workers because there is a growing need for them. Nowadays, the number of people struggling with poverty, hunger, natural disasters and other issues is increasing, which means more social workers are required to help them. There are many different fields of social work and you can find something that suits your temperament. The government also has many social work programs, and these are very good career opportunities.

Most organizations require at least a bachelor's degree in social work, if you wish to make this your profession. However, many organizations also look for people who have studied sociology, psychology and any other related discipline. Since there are now so many fields of social work, you can simply choose which one you want and then get qualified accordingly. If counseling is your field of choice, then a psychology degree will be helpful. If you want to apply for high level positions in international organizations such as the United Nations or Red Cross, then you need a master's degree from a reputed university. Later on, you can get a doctorate and expand your horizons.

As with many specialized professions, all the states have different requirements for social workers, so make sure you are familiar with the rules of your state. Usually what you will need is a license, certification or registration that allows you to work in that state. There are also certain codes of ethics and principles that workers are expected to follow, so get familiarized with that as well. Most organizations also have their own code which you will need to follow.

If you do not want to work in the field as a social worker, there are other career directions you can take. You can work as program manager or a policy maker in an organization planning their social work activities for the year, or manage teams of workers and making sure they are doing their work. You can identify areas which need help and then plan accordingly. Therefore, if you want to become a social worker, you have a number of options available for you.

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